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Short Courses

Short Courses 2019-08-21T13:11:06+10:00

Statement of Attainment Programs

The following programs are currently available as short courses:

    • Apply OHS Requirements, Policies & Procedures in the Construction Industry (CPCCOHS2001A)
    • Conduct Civil Construction Skid Steer Loader Operations (RIIMPO318F)
    • Conduct Civil Construction Excavator Operations (RIIMPO320F)
    • Conduct Local Risk Control (RIIRIS201D)
    • Confine Small Workplace Emergencies (PUAWER008B)
    • Cut Materials with a Hand-Held Chainsaw (FWPCOT2238)
    • Enter & Work in Confined Spaces (RIIWHS202D)
    • Gas Test Atmospheres (MSMWHS217)
    • Handle Dangerous Goods/Hazardous Substances (TLID2003)
    • Identify, Locate & Protect Underground Services (RIICCM202D)
    • Identify, Prevent & Report Potential Workplace Emergency Situations (PUAWER001B)
    • Isolate & Access Plant (RIISAM202D)
    • Operate Small Plant & Equipment (RIISAM204D)
    • Operate Support Equipment (RIIMPO208F)
    • Perform Dogging (RIIHAN208D)
    • Perform Inspection (MEM15004B)
    • Provide Basic Emergency Life Support (HLTAID002)
    • Provide CPR (HLTAID001)
    • Remove Friable Asbestos (CPCCDE3015A)
    • Remove Non-Friable Asbestos (CPCCDE3014A)
    • Respond to Workplace Emergencies (PUAWER004B)
    • Shift Materials Safely Using Manual Handling Methods (TLID1001)
    • Apply CoR Legislation, Regulations & Workplace Procedures (TLIF0001)
    • Supervise Asbestos Removal (CPCCBC4051A)
    • Use Explosive Power Tools (CPCCCM2007)
    • Use Hand & Power Tools (RIISAM203D)
    • Work Safely as a Safety Observer/Spotter (RIIRTM203D)
    • Work Safely at Heights (RIIWHS204D)
    • Work Safely around Electrical Sources, Services & Assets¬†(CPCCCM3003)